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I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the lovely Marianne Cherico on her Home Stagers and Designers On Fire Podcast.

In this podcast episode you will learn:

• How growing up in Nigeria has impacted the way Joke does life and business

• How Joke made six figures the first year in business

• What prompted Joke to take time off when her business was thriving

• How Joke won the business of Real Estate Agents

• How being in the Real Estate Business helped Joke learn how to market her Staging Business

• How to use email marketing effectively and what metrics to follow

• A compelling question to ask yourself if your marketing isn’t working

• How Joke sets up expectations for her clients and team members

• Why you shouldn’t cut back on marketing in any economy

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Guest appearance on the RESA monthly Q&A for aspiring Home Stagers

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Featured in Seattle Real Producer Magazine September 2020 Edition

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