Frequently Asked Home Staging Questions


What Exactly Is Home Staging?

Before you invest in new furniture and decor, it is crucial to understand that home staging is not the same as re-decorating. Home staging is a creative marketing tool utilizing design to transform a home into a desirable lifestyle experience everyone can relate to. The process of home staging involves intentional space planning; creating definition, flow, and function to highlight the best features of a home and eliminate distractions. A successfully staged home evokes an emotional connection with potential buyers, so they can visualize themselves living in your home.


What Are The Benefits Of Home staging?

  • Opportunity for more showings, multiple offers over list price, less time on the market. 

  • Highlights features that may not be apparent to the untrained eye in a home decorated for everyday living. 

  • Adds warmth, definition, function and visual appeal.

  • A staged home photographs well for online and print media marketing.

  • Online photos compel buyers to visit your home in person. 

  • 75% of buyers look only at photos (versus marketing descriptions) It’s critical to capture and project the right image.

  • Only 10% of home buyers can envision the potential of a vacant home. 

  • Buyers, Inspectors, and appraisers view your home as well-maintained

  • Fewer reasons for buyers to discount your home or ask for concessions
  • Sets your home apart from other homes on the market 






















What Does It Cost To Stage A House?

  • Staging is not a luxury but a necessary investment in marketing your home.

  • The cost of a fully staged home is typically less than what it will cost to reduce the price of your home.  

  • Actual cost will depend on how many rooms you decide to stage, and the amount of inventory utilized and any special features. Request a quote


Does Home Staging Really Work?

  • According to a 2017 Home Staging report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 77% of Realtors said staging made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as their new home.

  • While staging by itself does not sell a house; combined with the right marketing strategies, it could make a difference between receiving one offer OR multiple offers with fewer or no contingencies.  

  • Build your winning team by requesting recommendations for a trusted and tested local Realtor


Do I need To Stage My Whole House?

  • For best results, it is recommended to create a seamless look throughout your home.

  • However, the decision to stage is not all or nothing. You have options depending on your budget, how much time you have and how hands-on you want to be. 

  • If your home has a unique floor plan, it could benefit from a full-house staging.

  • At the minimum, invest in staging the rooms that sell a home: kitchen, dining, living room, bathroom and master suite.

  • Any rooms you choose to stage should be fully staged.








My home is already vacant and clean, why stage a vacant home?

  • No home is more pristine than a new construction home, However, when left unstaged, it can be cold and uninviting.

  • Model homes exist because builders recognize the need to define and highlight the features in a home.

  • 90% of buyers need a visual of flow and function of a home and how it will fit into their lifestyle. 

  • An empty room actually appears smaller than it is.  Adding the right furnishing defines a space for scale, function and flow that makes it seem larger.


Why do I need a professional home stager?

  • DIY without guidance can be a stressful process of trial and error with potential loss of time and money.

  • When you decide to sell, your home becomes a product that must be marketed to capture your target market. A professional stager is an objective third party expert that looks at your home through a buyer's eyes to create what they are looking for.

  • You decorate for dwelling while we stage for selling.  When you do it yourself, the tendency to "redecorate"  to your taste.

  • Save money with expert advice for investing in improvements that matter.

  • Take advantage of trade discounts.   

Can I use my existing Furniture for staging to save money

  • Most people furnish their home for comfortable dwelling with personal touches

  • We stage for "show" with no personal sentiments.

  • However, at our discretion, we may incorporate some of your existing furniture determined to be show ready.

Do I need to stage the exterior of my home?

  • First impressions are invaluable.  Home buyers sometimes decide to skip a showing based on what they see outside. 

  • Whatever will be seen on a drive by the front of your home should be appealing to encourage potential buyers to want to see more.

  • Some of your potential buyers will come from drive by For Sale signs.  Great curb appeal can turn drive- bys into actual buyers.






























What do I need to do to get my home ready for staging?

  • Before you embark on costly home improvements, ask for expert advice for investing in the right home improvements.

  • Execute the action plan provided by your Stager or Agent to get your home ready for the market

  • Detail your home like you do your car.

  • Attend to all deferred maintenance.

  • Repair or replace and remove all non-functional items.

  • Get ahead on packing away stuff you don't use every day.

  • Depersonalize and de-cluttered.

What should I expect working with Genesis?

Packing up years of memories to move into a new home while getting ready to sell your existing home can be overwhelming. The goal of Genesis is to take the burden off you for getting your home show ready.  You can expect a no pressure, transparent, top notch expert service.   Utmost respect for your time, property and judicious use of your resources is always a priority. Genesis is a licensed and fully insured company for your added peace of mind.

How it works

  • Your home staging journey with Genesis starts with a complementary walk through

  • Within 2 business days of your initial consultation, you will receive:
    • A written proposal
    • Our sample service agreement for your review
    • To Do list of our recommendations to get your home ready for staging
  • Your staging date is scheduled within 2 weeks of a mutually signed agreement

  • Staging is completed within 2 days unless otherwise agreed.

  • Staging is essentially moving a house, that also entails space planning, sourcing, packing, loading, delivery, set up and design.  For this reason we request a two week lead time to ensure we are well prepared for your home staging and avoid rush fees.


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