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 Core Values 

We are a family of people from diverse backgrounds looking out for each other while caring for our clients.  We see problems as opportunities for creative solutions that make room for individual contributions and growth. We believe that work can be enjoyable when everyone can work the way they are naturally wired.  For this reason, we go to great lengths in our quest to discover natural talents and abilities so every team member can be plugged into their instinctive way of doing things, using their unique method of operation to achieve the common goal.  


Successful real estate transactions create an opportunity for new beginnings. For the buyer, a new home creates years of memories.  For the seller, a brand new opportunity to move into the next chapter.  Genesis is honored to be a part of these special milestones.  We are a boutique home staging and design company committed to not just making first impressions with our friendly and personable, top-notch professional services; we leave you with lasting impressions long after your home is sold.

Design Approach

Every home seller wants two things:  Get it sold quickly and for more money.  We work with you to achieve this goal using creative design as a tool to market your home like any other product, increasing its perceived value to get it SOLD FAST AND FOR MORE.  

  • Timeless design with an infusion of new trends and a nod to the unique style of your home. 

  • Expert space planning and placement for optimal flow and function.

  • Right-scaled furnishings proportionate to your space for seamless architectural harmony.

  • Company-owned collection of thoughtfully and meticulously curated, high-quality furnishing

Benefits Of Working With Genesis 

  • Unparalleled customer service

  • Licensed and Insured LLC for your protection and peace of mind

  • Compliance with the Department of Labor and Industries

  • Background Checked Employees

  • Trusted by local Real Estate Agents and recommended by your neighbors

  • Efficient proprietary systems and processes for a smooth experience
  • Owned by a former licensed Real Estate Broker who understands and delivers what buyers want in a home
  • Qualified Interior Designers and Certified Home Stagers  
  • Committed to continuing education in home design trends, techniques, and technology.

  • Company-owned furnishing for consistent delivery of the quality your home deserves.

  • Professional, excellent communication and clarity; you will never be left wondering what to expect 
  • PRO member of the Real Estate Staging Association; bound by the code of ethics

  • Affiliate member of NAR (National Association of Realtors) with a voice in the decision-making in the real estate industry

Joké Durojaiye
Founder and Creative Director

I grew up in Lagos Nigeria, and the Seattle area has been home to my family since the year 2000. I love the diversity of the beautiful Northwest and genuinely enjoy the people I get to meet in the course of work and play.  When I'm not busy designing and running the business; the most meaningful moments to me are the times spent enjoying little everyday things and being fully present with family and friends regardless of what we are doing.


Almost three decades of combined experience in Business Management, Human Resources, Multimedia Design and as a former licensed Real Estate Broker; has prepared me well for building a successful business out of my passion and natural talent for enhancing the home buying and selling experience.

Having taught Home Buying Classes to both first time and seasoned home buyers on the East-side and representing several of them along their journey to successful home ownership in tough market conditions; I learned first-hand the psychology, art and business of home selling and continue to stay informed with new regulations and technology of the ever-evolving real estate market.    Expert knowledge of the local market and an understanding what appeals to the demography that makes up your target audience means I am able to capture your ideal buyer with a home thoughtfully staged with them in mind. 

Being a small part of one of the most significant events in the lives of my clients bring me joy. My true passion lies in making a positive impact on everything I touch and everyone I meet.  Using creative space planning and design to connect aspiring home buyers with their dream homes and optimizing the home sale process for sellers; allow me the privilege of doing what I enjoy the most. I am honored to add value to the business of my Broker partners. 

Bryn Parish
Lead Designer

It all started at a very young age; I redecorated my bedroom every chance I had. I loved mixing things up, changing paint colors, and moving my furniture around. These days, inspired by nature, art, architecture, and travel, I am passionate about creating beautiful spaces.

After working many years as an administrative professional, I decided to pursue my dreams and use my creative talents for good. In 2020, I attended the Heritage School of Interior Design at the Seattle Design Center and earned Master Certification. I started my own interior design business called Brynterior and continue to work with clients in interior design.


I also love staging and being able to use my talents and skills to help houses look their best. Every house has a story, so I try hard to be authentic to the style, celebrate the character, and let the house shine! Nothing feels better than planning, styling, and placing furniture, and then celebrating the end result! I recognize that this is a team effort and that listening to the client is imperative for a successful outcome.

I hope to build relationships that are full of integrity and kindness.

“Rooms should make you smile; we all need to smile.” Martin Brudnizki

Aderey Boe
Warehouse Coordinator

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and enjoy the wonderful natural beauty of this area. I live in Seattle with my girlfriend and our two cats, who support me in everything I do. In my free time (which is rare between school and work) I love woodworking, hiking, programming, and 3d modeling.

I’m currently getting my BA degree in business administration and will graduate summer of 2022. After that, I plan to continue gaining experience in business management, operations, and other areas I might find interesting. I hope to start medical school by 2025 and become a physician. Using my business experience, my dream is to start my own endocrinology practice or pharmaceutical research company.

I have a passion for solving complex problems, whether it’s in business, engineering, or anything else. I’m always willing to learn new technologies or tools to complete any task I’m given. Working for Genesis has allowed me to learn more about business operations, process design, managing teams, and engineering. I’ve also been able to improve my customer service skills and learn firsthand how putting the clients’ needs first results in a successful business.


Zack Sattiewhite
Staging Assistant

I grew up in Burien, Washington and have had the opportunity to live different  parts of the Pacific Northwest.


I spent 12 years in the United States Army Reserves as part of the Military Police. I’m currently preparing to apply to the University of Washington in Bothell to complete a degree in Applied Computing.


I like to spend my time with my cat marmalade while reading different types of novels. When the weather is good I also take the time to enjoy outdoor activities such as going on bike rides, hiking, kayaking , and nature walks. 


I enjoy learning new skills to expand my knowledge and try to find ways to apply it to what I am currently doing. I enjoy being part of the staging experience and seeing the end result. 

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