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Family Room makeover


There is nothing wrong with how you live in your home.  When you decide to sell, it becomes a product that needs to be marketed to sell faster for as much money as possible.  The goal is to offer guidance for getting your home market-ready for photos that will attract buyers, and result in showings that will translate to a sale.


  • Up to ONE HOUR guided tour

  • Show and tell quick hands-on redesign of key areas (if your home is decluttered)

  • Expert advice for space planning to accentuate the key selling points of your home

  • Expert advice for room-by-room furniture placement that allows buyer interpretation

  • Recommendations on what to keep and what to remove for universal appeal

  • Depersonalizing your home so buyers can see themselves living there 

  • We will leave you with a printed guide for getting your home market-ready

  • Optional follow-up email with links to up to 3 supplemental items like bedding and decor if needed

To maximize the visit, our focus will be on the main spaces that will help sell your home


  • Living Room

  • Dining Room

  • Main Bedroom Suite

  • Any other rooms can be added at no additional charge within the ONE-HOUR visit.



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